The past has left him burned and scarred.  His thoughts consumed by raging fears that he cannot control.  Intimidation is his game and seems to do it well.  Consumed by his own emotions he lashes out with words that sting.

She lives in a constant world of fear.  She plasters on her fake smile so that he can lifted up at all times while unknowingly pulling her down.  The years of accusations have made it difficult for her to make eye contact with others.  Her friendly demeanor is long gone and in its place is a dull and expressionless woman.  Jokes are a thing of the past along with singing and laughter.  She doesn’t even recognized herself anymore

Day in and day out, she tries her best to please those around her while she alone is drowning in her own dark thoughts.  Her own desires left to rot while his continue to flourish.  His dreams becoming reality while hers are left to fade.

He claims that he knows her and should not be surprised when he is left to his own thoughts and wondering what went wrong.


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