What thoughts do you have while scrolling through your phone for the fifth time today?  Checking Facebook newsfeed again like it can cure your hunger.  A hunger that is only satisfied while looking into other peoples lives.  A need that causes everything else around you to be silenced.  A need that can eat away at your life because you begin to long for the things that people brag about on Facebook.

You silently ask yourself why you can’t find a love like the school teacher down the road.  The truth is, her  husband beats her and she is hoping that if she posts about her love for him the beatings might not come that day.  You wonder how others can  afford the new trucks, a new house, and the other things they love to brag about.  What you do don’t know is, that the husband works long hours out of state, the wife is cheating, and filing bankruptcy is right around the corner.  You’re never going to admit that you’re jealous of the lives others post about on Facebook.

While you’re to busy scrolling through newsfeeds, your family is missing you.  You don’t know who you’re kids are anymore.  Well, maybe you do if they share the same interest as you.  You’re wife tried to tell you about her day even though you never asked.  Of course, you didn’t hear or notice the fact that she walks away with her head down feeling more alone each day.

You think your life isn’t going the way you want it to.  An endless life of the same thing each day.  Put down the phone and notice the things that are real and right in front of you.  Paying attention to your kids can be so uplifting.  Noticing your wife can make a world of difference in her actions.  Put the phone down and stop complaining.  Do something before it not only ruins your life but your families life too.


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